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Handmade bookmarks by craft-martingale on flickr

Handmade bookmarks by craft-martingale on flickr

With a limited budget we always welcome offers of help from the BookCrossing community and this year, as in previous years, we are asking for your help with raffle prizes and items for goodie bags. Please Contact Us as detailed at the bottom of this post if you would like to provide any items.

Maybe you have an unwanted item at home that would make a great raffle prize (or partial prize). Perhaps you won something yourself that isn’t quite your ‘thing’. Or possibly you want to give a little love back to the Uncon attendees with a gift!

Alternatively you may be able to create items which we can add to goodie bags. These can be anything from a handmade bookmark to a handwritten postcard from your home town, to a homemade flapjack (as long as it will last!). There is absolutely no obligation to provide an item for every bag, but if you are a keen crafter this would be a really thoughtful and well appreciated outlet for your skills.

There are two ways to get your items to us:

1. Bring them along to Uncon. Goodie bag items will need to be with a member of the committee before registration opens on Friday evening. Ideally raffle prizes are needed at the same time, but at the latest will be needed by registration on Saturday morning.

2. Send your items to Maia (Mai-day) at the following address:

Maia Daguerre
Girlguiding North East England
7 Alpha Court
Monks Cross Drive
YO32 9WN

However you plan to get your items to us please Contact Us as soon as you know you are providing something with details of what/how many you would like to offer. It is important for us to know in advance what items we have to put in goodie bags and what prizes we have available for the raffle and it will help Maia to know what items to expect.

In advance, we thank you once again for the legendary BookCrosser generosity!

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