Owl Flashmob

Owl by Littlestuff.me on flickr

Owl by Littlestuff.me on flickr

For the last couple of years the Unconvention release walk has been a little different. Under the creative guidance of our entertainment coordinator MissMarkey the walk has incorporated a flashmob. In Nottingham we all wore silly hats before releasing the books we were reading, and in Colchester we created a book release ‘domino rally’. Those who were present will remember that while both were inventive and fun events they were slightly marred by over-zealous council workers collecting up our books as quickly as we could release them.

This year we come prepared and have agreed our mass release with the location where it will occur. The flashmob will again take place during the release walk on Sunday morning and will happen in The Trinity Shopping Centre, Leeds where we have permission for our Unconvention antics.

You will need a book to release and an owl of some description to leave in the Centre. This could be knitted, sewn, carved, cut out of a wildlife or garden magazine, hand drawn, painted, or anything else you can think of. It could be hung up, stood up, leant against something, on a stick ,handed out, or fly out! Use your imagination and surprise us! Just don’t forget your owls!!

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