Hotel room by br1dotcom on flickr

Hotel room by br1dotcom on flickr

Leeds has a huge range of hotels as you would expect from such a large city, with more than 20 of these located within a mile of the Uncon venue. Quality ranges from budget to luxury with single room prices for a Friday and Saturday night stay ranging from £60 to over £800!

With so many options it is impossible for us to list them all on this site, but we would suggest making use of the numerous online hotel booking websites (e.g. Expedia, last minute, and many more) to get the best price possible for your stay.

Alternatively if you would prefer to book direct with the hotel, we recommend using Trip Advisor to work out which hotel will suit you best.

Bed and Breakfast

A variety of B&B accommodation is available, including whole apartment lets for the weekend.

We suggest using this website to help you search for suitable bed and breakfast accommodation for your needs.